Do you want to build a snowman?

Kinsley is in love with the movie “Frozen.”  Like love, love.  She wants to sing the songs from the movies all the time and just about flipped out when a little girl brought an Elyse doll into her class at church.  One of the songs from the movie is called “Do you want to build a snowman?” She has been singing it all week (okay, more like all month), so she was super excited that she really had some snow this morning to build an actual snowman (or try to until she discovered the snow was too fine for building)!!

We had been reading Facebook statuses all week from friends and family who live in Georgetown (coastal SC) where I grew up as they were so excited they were going to get snow.  At that point, it looked like they would get 5 to 6 inches and we would barely get 1.  But, as the week wore on, the forecast kept changing and they were soon predicting 1 to 3 inches for us.  I was really, really skeptical as everyone freaked out, bought up the milk and bread, and the world around us shut down, because this same thing happened last week and we only got flurries that never stuck to the ground.

Much to my surprise, we got 3.25″.  The girls could not wait to get outside and enjoy the snow, so after what seemed like an hour bundling everyone up, we headed out to enjoy it.  Kinsley had a blast with our neighbors making snow angels, throwing snowballs, attempting a snowman, and sledding down the hill in our neighbor’s yard (she LOVED sledding…like couldn’t keep her off it…she even found our neighbor’s creek in the sled).  Emerson was excited to see the snow and was amazed at first, but as it hindered her walking and all the clothing left her unable to move, she didn’t last long before she wanted to be held nonstop.  As much as I love looking at the snow, I don’t like being in it (beach girl at heart) so I am grateful for a husband who could spend hours out there.  He also doesn’t mind playing outside, coming in, shedding all those layers, then getting himself and Kinsley layered again just a little while later, and going after it again.

We also attempted to make snow cream for the first time after being asked many, many times if we had done by neighbors and friends.  Is this a Southern thing because we nor our friends ever did this in Kentucky?  Maybe it was because snow was not a uncommon occurrence in Kentucky, roads were taken care of, and life didn’t shut down.  Either way, we appreciated the down time, playing with friends and family, and thanking God for a break to refresh and enjoy each other while enjoying the beauty of all he has created (seriously, snow always reminds me of God’s beauty and how he washed us “white as snow” as believers in Christ).

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