DIY Update

Its getting close to the end of the month which means a DIY Update.  Let me put a disclaimer out there – if you aren’t crafty, or don’t enjoy cooking or trying new recipes, or if you don’t have time for any of that – ITS OKAY!!  Seriously, this isn’t to make anyone feel guilt or less superior…its just to show you what I have been up to each month.  While I don’t consider myself creative (all my inspiration comes from others!), I do enjoy crafting and it helps me to unwind to have a project in the works – crazy I know.  And putting updates up here keeps me accountable.  So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy!

Part of my Christmas presents from my in-laws were matted picture frames.  I have been eyeing the wall besides our stairs for a while now and sensing that it needed something.  So, when I saw great inspiration on a picture wall via Pinterest, I knew thats what I wanted.  I love the wall (and especially the canvases which turned out amazing!) and the girls love to stop as we are climbing up/down the stairs to point and relive the moments.  I am going to add an H on the left hand side, but I have to paint it and it has to be warm to do that, and as a lot of you know, it has been anything but warm in NC.

I also saw this great idea on Pinterest for storing flip flops and being that we are always looking for more shoe space, I knew it would be a great project.  My handy dandy, strong husband formed the hangers for me to complete this.  Another great turn-out.

This project has to be one of my favorites.  Another Christmas gift was the Silhouette Cameo.  As a scrapbooker, I have been eyeing the Cricut forever now but didn’t know that I wanted to take the plunge, pay that much for it, and then have to keep buying cartridges for whatever I was going to do.  So, when I heard about the Silhouette and got an awesome deal on it as Christmas, I was sold.  It does the same thing as the Cricut, plus WAY more, and you don’t use cartridges.  I can do vinyl projects, scrapbooking, heat transfer (make shirts with any design I want), chalkboard vinyl, car decals, and so on and so on.

When I got it, I was a bit intimidated but thanks to some encouragement and advice from some friends who have one, I dove in.  My first two “test” projects didn’t go well.  But, this canvas, which I have also been eyeing for a while now and knew the perfect spot for it in my kitchen, turned out great.  Once I learned how to use the machine, I can say it is phenomenal!  I am excited to do way more projects and even experiment more with canvas like this and words going different ways, etc.

My last project I accomplished was this car garbage bag.  I knew that I wanted something cute like this for my car, and since I had the sewing machine out to trim some curtains, I decided to dive in and accomplish it.  It turned out nice, but next time, I will measure as I made the handle way too long and the bag itself is a little long.

I did a lot this month and am planning on slowing down on the projects for a little while (the cash flow is lacking a little for them if you know what I mean!).  And, I used some of the time while Ed was out of town for summer project director’s training to accomplish them and then Ed helped me complete quite a few (he is great at spraying paint and hanging frames 🙂 ).

I also tried two new recipes this month:

Cinnamon Roll Casserole – took this to our staff meeting and everyone enjoyed it.  To me, it was a little dry, so not sure about that.  I don’t know that its on my “have to make this again” list.  Forget to take a picture of this!

Crescent Chicken Pockets – Crystal from Money Saving Mom recommended this as a staple in her family and as most of her recipes have been good, I wanted to try it.  The verdict?  Not a hit in our family.  It was okay, and while Emerson loved it (lets be real, she loves anything), everyone else thought it was just okay.  Not making this again.

I wish I had some fun pictures of the girls to share but I have been horrible about taking pictures of them.  Going to try and do better at that the end of January and here on out.  We have been busy with starting back to school (college and preschool at home) and getting into a grove again.  So nice having a schedule with kids!  Excited to share next time more about what is happening in ministry, in our lives, and in the girls’ lives!

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