DIY Update

I have been dying to write this post for a while now, but one of the projects I completed was a present for Mothers Day.  So, now that Mother’s Day has come and gone, I CAN WRITE IT!!  I will start with the projects I did, and then move on to the recipes.

Burlap Wreath

Verdict:  This was probably one of my favorite projects – it was easy and turned out beautifully.  I love that I can take off the bow and letter and put on different colors/things for different times of the year.  I also love that it wasn’t $60, which is what I would pay someone to make one for me.

 Mothers Day Canvas for Gammy

Verdict:  Again, this turned out great!  It wasn’t difficult to do, love the different fonts and the saying, and best of all, it almost made Mom cry.  I included the link above (if you click on the title) which shows where I got the idea from.  Can I say again how much I love my Silhouette?

Palmetto Tree and Moon Car Decal

Verdict:  LOVE THIS DECAL!!  I originally wanted a Gamecocks decal, but couldn’t find the design to buy or create, so I went with this instead.  It turned out great!!

Clean Showerheads – I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try since I hadn’t cleaned the showerheads since we moved and I am a little paranoid about bacteria and fungi getting on us through the water (crazy, right?)

Verdict:  Not sure how much cleaning it really did.  Had a problem with cleaning solution coming out through the top (maybe due to angle of my showerheads?).  Probably won’t try this again, even though I am paranoid about the fungi and such.

DIY Dishwasher Detergent – Every time I have to buy dishwasher detergent, I am always amazed at how expensive it is and how quick it seems to go.  So, I decided to try this DIY detergent.

Verdict:  It took a lot of special ingredients that cost over $7 to buy the first go round.  While the recipe works and definitely gets my dishes clean, we all know that I am not a fan unless it is cost-efficient.  Given the initial investment (which could have bought me two things of dishwasher detergent), I was a little skeptical but I will have to say that those $7 go a long way!  I mixed enough in the first round to last me a few months and that $7 will make enough for probably 4 rounds, meaning it will last the better part of a year.  You have to keep buying white vinegar to put on the bottom, but that is inexpensive.  All in all, it isn’t as convenient as throwing a pack in the dishwasher, but it is more cost efficient and it definitely works.  Planning to keep using until all the ingredients are gone and then decide.

Ritz Chicken in my Deep Covered Baker – 

We received this Deep Covered Baker from our sweet friend and supporter Sandy Felkel (a Pampered Chef consultant) – so generous!!  I was a little skeptical about the Deep Covered Baker but I love it! It is so quick to cook, easy to clean, and the meal was delicious.  We have another recipe very similar to this that we like better, but I am already itching to find more recipes for the Deep Covered Baker.

Cheese Sauce for Fries

Verdict:  Uh no.  I was so looking forward to this recipe as I have great memories of a sauce that Wendys used to make during my high school days. My friends and I would buy this sauce and dip our fries into it.  I was hoping this would be a good substitute and revive those memories but it feel way short.  It was too think and just not very good at all.

Blueberry Bread Pudding

Verdict:  I made this recipe for our Staff Brunch Team Social we had.  It was a huge hit!!  We couldn’t stop eating it and I will definitely make it again.  PS – this website where this recipe comes from is by a friend of mine and she has great recipes!!

I also made a Car Seat Cover for my friend Jenn as she just had a sweet, sweet baby boy.  It was adorable, but seeing as she is a little busy with 3 kids to send me a picture, I will have to show that later.  It turned out great!!

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