Baby Update – 33 weeks

Time for a baby update!  This post has been long in the making, but with kids, traveling, and holidays, I am just now getting to it.

At 28 weeks, we had an ultrasound at our regular OB just to confirm he was growing correctly and everything looked okay.  He passed this ultrasound with flying colors, actually weighing in a little large.  Everything else looked okay, but they still wanted me to go to the perinatalogist at 32 weeks for my Level 2 ultrasound to verify everything looked good and blood was flowing well through the 2 vessels he had.

So, at 32 weeks, we trekked over to the “high-tech” doctor for another Level 2 ultrasound.  I was a little nervous for this ultrasound knowing that it was a big “moment of truth.”  Either he was growing or he wasn’t.  Either his kidney was back to normal size or it wasn’t.  Either blood was flowing correctly or it wasn’t.  And not to mention they can see in so much depth with that ultrasound that if something is wrong, they would surely be able to find it at this stage in the game.

Now for the long-awaited update:  All was well!!  His kidney was back to normal, he weighed in at 4 lbs, 15 oz which is in the 82nd percentile (though she said this may be a little high of an estimate depending on how long his torso is – lets hope it is a little high!), and blood was flowing correctly.  Ed hasn’t gotten to be at a lot of my appointments due to either being on campus or keeping the kids, so it was fun for him to be able to join in.  The first thing the xray tech commented on was his hair that he already has – she said its not long, but he definitely has a good big (explains all the heartburn!) – too funny that he will probably be born with more hair than either of his sisters had.  Even cooler was that we got to see Blake doing something called “practice breathing” where they look like they are actually breathing while in the womb.  The xray tech said that much in the same way that babies exercise and stretch their leg and arm muscles, as they get closer to birth, they stretch their lungs by practicing breathing.  What a fun thing  to see on an ultrasound….I am learning so much more about babies and how the Lord designs them this time around because of all his health issues.

So, without further ado, here is our little boy at 32 weeks:

Cute, isn’t he?

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