Adjusting to the New Normal

Well, folks, we are two weeks into this family of 5 thing.  The question of the year that I keep getting is “How is the transition going?”  Truth be told, I am not really sure.  How is that for an answer?

My mom graciously stayed with us through last Thursday and man, she was a huge help.  With her here, it was still man-on-man defense.  Now that she is gone, we are on to zone defense.  So, really, we have only been doing it on our own for a few days.  The girls have had their moments, but overall, are doing well.  Thankfully, they haven’t asked for Blake to “go home” yet, a question I heard that some of my friends’ kids asked.  Overall, I am very impressed by how well they have handled everything.

The only hard thing has been the never ending sickness.  The week before Blake was born, I came down with a nasty upper respiratory cold that I had to start taking antibiotics to kick, as well as double pink eye.  When Blake was born, I was still taking drops to make the pink eye go away.  Then, the day after he was born, we awoke to a message from my mom saying that Emerson had woken up with pink eye.  Thankfully, our doctor has Saturday office hours and she was able to take her and get her medicine.

Then, the next morning, we awoke to another call that both girls had started vomiting the night before and vomited all night long.  My poor mom got less sleep that night than we did at the hospital with a newborn.  It took a few days for both girls to completely kick that virus.  Ed got a touch of it a few days later, but thankfully, everyone else was able to steer clear.  Then, this week, everyone including my mom, came down with colds again.  Can we please be clear of all of this already?

Needless to say, through everything, Blake has been a champ and has been so easy – so far, so good.  Here’s praying that it continues and that we can all get and stay well.  We are also so thankful to the Lord for a wonderful support system of friends and church family who have loved us well, provided (and continuing providing) meals, and who constantly encourage this tired mom!  So thankful for the body of Christ!

My little helpers who love to give him baths!

Wearing their “Big Sis” shirts – thanks Gammy!

Loving his monkey wubanub – thanks Denise and Larry!


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