You got a friend in me!

In the midst of last week being really hard with Ed being gone, one of the things that I kept being excited about (besides him coming home!), was that a good friend of mine, Becky, was going to be coming to visit and arriving the day after Ed did. I got to know Becky 7 years ago when we were placed in Central Kentucky on staff with Cru as our first assignment. Becky and her husband Rich were the couple that were leading our team. While we have obviously since moved on, we have remained close friends and I would say, have gotten even closer through the years.

Becky decided to leave her kiddos and hubs and travel to NYC to visit me as a mini vacation and in honor of turning 40 last year. She had been to NYC back in 2003 so while she had seen a few things then, there was still so much to explore. While the girls were in school, Ed and I and the two little kids traveled with her to see the 9/11 memorial, visit Chelsea Market, walk on the High Line, eat lunch at this amazing chicken finger place called Sticky’s, and see Rockefeller Plaza (complete with watching a couple get engaged on the Rockefeller Plaza ice rink). That night, we made a late night trip to browse the clearance racks at Target 🙂 Then, on Thursday, it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed. When Emerson’s appointment to the orthopedic doctor got canceled (as well as school!), we bundled up in snow gear and trekked to visit the MET museum. It wasmy first trip and I was amazed. It is HUGE and even though I am not a huge art buff, I was amazed and awed at some of the artwork. My for sure favorites would be Van Gogh and Seurat. We also HAD to stop by our favorite bakery in the city to pick up cupcakes…we just HAD to!


Then, Becky and Ed were supposed to fly out the next day – Becky to go home and Ed to go to the conference. Because of the massive snow storm and the 8+ inches of snow we got, both of their flights got canceled. I was soooo excited Ed wasn’t going to have to leave (the next flight for him would be when his conference was over), but not so happy Becky couldn’t go home to her family. After lots of reworking and figuring out what to do, the Lord allowed it to work out for Becky to fly home today, Saturday, a day later – meaning we got another day together! Really long story and hard to explain on a blog, but a definite God story for sure!

For our last day, we went to the 9/11 museum where we spent lots of kid-free, uninterrupted time reading, studying, and taking it all in. And, in an effort to give her a better taste of NYC, we HAD to go to Black Tap and try one of their crazy shakes. On the way home on the subway, she got to see some awesome subway dancers, which isn’t something you see often and I feel like it is a treat when you do. She was able to fly out this morning and is back with her family.

Ya’ll, if you can find a friend like Becky, keep her! She is loyal, encouraging, thoughtful, steady, challenging, lots of fun, caring, and such a dear, dear friend to me. As I get older, I learn more and more about keeping friends despite moves and the miles. This one is a keeper. Loved having adventures with you that we will remember forever, Becky.

For an update on Emerson – because her appointment got canceled, we were supposed to go in this coming Monday. However, Friday, the nurse from school called and we had to pick her up early because it was hurting so bad. So, we called the doctor, got in to see them, and got some more x-rays taken. They were SUPER pleased with how her wound was looking (apparently, they were afraid it was getting infected and that we would need to go see a wound care specialist which didn’t end up being the case) but said the pain was because of the fracture and because it was sprained and that she just needed more time to recover. They said they want her almost completely off of it for 7-10 days. So, back to the couch she goes. Please pray she gets some relief and that it starts to head in the right direction toward healing.

Brynn turned 11 months old today and Blake turns 3 this week – excuse me while I go cry because my babies are growing up 🙁 And just so you know things weren’t all calm at home while I was spending time with Becky – this happened. What happens when Blake wants to draw and no paper is around? Brynn becomes the canvas. Bless it.

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