Why, yes, we are losing our minds!

I have been a little MIA the last week or two, as you may have noticed.  Why?  Because Ed and I are officially losing our minds.  Why is that, you may ask?  In addition to returning from New York, then returning from another trip to SC that lasted two weeks, and getting ready to start the crazy fall semester, and being pregnant and getting ready for another baby in our family, we decided to add yet another addition to our family and potty train our child…all in one week.  Yes, you read that right.  Get a dog and potty train our child all in one week.

We have been wanting another dog for a while but knew with traveling it would be hard.  Then, we decided to get one for Christmas for the girls.  However, when we found out I was due at the beginning of January, we decided two new additions in one month may be suicide.  So, we upped our timeline and started looking for a dog now.  We have always wanted a boxer since falling in love with my aunt’s and learning how good they are with children so we applied to adopt with Carolina Boxer Rescue.  Can I say how impressed we are with this organization?  We had to fill out an application, they had to call our references, and they normally do a home visit (which we got waved since we weren’t at home for two weeks).  They are constantly rescuing new boxers so once we got accepted, we sat back and tried to decide which dog (based on looking at what their foster families said about them) would be a good fit with our family.

One day, we saw this really sweet boy boxer that they rescued from a home where he had been on a chain for four years.  His name was Bruno, he was four years old, he was house trained, crate trained, and good with kids.  After learning more about him from his foster family, we decided he was the dog for us!

Since we were traveling home from Ed’s parents house in Greenville, SC, it was convenient for us to just pick him up on our way home rather than wait for CBR to arrange a transfer to us – so that’s just what we did.  Here is a picture of Bruno riding in the car on the way home…even though he had a whole seat in the back, he loved coming up front and sitting between the girls.

Bruno has fit in so well at our house and is a great dog!!  He does so well with the girls and never responds to their tail-pulling, trying to ride him, falling and laying all over him antics that they like to pull.  He has also not had any accidents and has gone in his crate every night.  He likes to nip at you when he is playing, he loves to be loved (like ALL the time), and he snores – but other than that, he is perfect!!

Then, as if getting a dog wasn’t crazy enough, we decided to start potty-training Emerson before Ed went back to campus full-time.  She is a few months older than Kinsley was when we trained her and lets be honest, I am tired of buying diapers and changing them.  I also am not good with looming transitions, meaning that if I know something is coming, rather than putting it off and continuing to think about it coming up or me needing to do it, I would rather just bite the bullet and do it right away.  So, that is what we did.

This was her attire during one of the days.  What, you don’t wear princess dress, necklace, and a vet outfit all at one time while potty training?  I guess she got tired of just wearing underwear and decided to go with lots of layers. 🙂

How is she doing?  After a ROUGH (wait, did I say rough?  Lets try that again – it was R-O-U-G-H!) first day and a half, she started catching on and has been only having about one accident a day.  We are still a little ways from saying she is potty trained, but I am hopeful and encouraged that we are moving in the right direction.  Now to pray for my sanity as I manage the additions and transitions from this week!

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  1. Bruno is adorable! Sounds like you have had a lot going on lately. Congrats on the new dog, the almost potty trained toddler and of course the coming new addition to your family!!

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