Which is better?

When we made the decision to move here 2 years ago (we have only been here 1.5 years but it has been over 2 years since we put the pieces in motion that made this happen), we knew that it would mean major downsizing.

Let’s be honest – at first, that was super hard – I loved my kids outside toys, I loved my grill, I loved my front porch rocking chairs, I loved my nice matching 6 piece bedroom set. But, as we trusted the Lord and leaned on Him to help us let go of ALL these things that were just that – things – it became kind of nice to experience the freedom of having less. AND, I realized that starting over in a smaller living space meant we had to acquire new furniture that would fit that space instead of our 3 bedroom house – redecorating can be so much fun.

Hearing from lots and lots of friends about how IKEA was THE WAY to go for furniture in the city as it was cheap, made for small spaces, functional, etc., we began making our list of all the new things we would need. We started shopping online at IKEA and were pleased we could get everything we needed from there and Amazon within our budget. I am pretty frugal so I was super pleased by this. On Ed’s way up to move us in, he stopped by IKEA and got all we needed and put it on the rental truck. Here was his load:

1.5 years in and almost all of the furniture we have bought is falling apart. Ikea bookcase – collapsed multiple times before we broke down and paid for a new one. Ikea coat hanger hook – has completely came out the wall once and after fixing it, now one of the holders has completely broken. Desk we bought from Amazon – drawer keeps falling through and now the whole desk is bowed and drawer won’t work right (ignore all the mess on the desk and please keep your comments “If you wouldn’t put so much on it, maybe it wouldn’t break” to yourself.” Ikea recliner – bottom piece broke off it and it gets SO DIRTY so easily. Ikea end talbes – holding up but the finish gets chipped and dirty so easily. Ikea dining room chair and bench – keeps getting chipped and so hard to keep clean. Now, we do have a few Ikea things that are holding up well, but overall, Ikea is not winning my praise. Sorry to all you Ikea fans. And yes, even though the desk is from Amazon, I group it in the “it was a great price but not great quality” category like Ikea products.

CONFESSION…in my old age, I am realizing more and more that it is SO WORTH IT to pay more for things to get great quality that will last. And reviews of what others thought of things and how they held up for them is soooo valuable. Now, I love me some Ikea toys (their train set for Blake has been amazing), I love me some Ikea meatballs (their food is delish!), and I love me some Ikea kitchen products (their small stuff like spatulas and utensils and napkins are great for the price and the quality), but when it comes to furniture, I think my FRUGAL self will be taking my money elsewhere.

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