Where is the Coin??

Where do crazy things always have to happen at the most inconvenient times?

Last Friday, Ed was trying to get out the door to staff meeting and I was trying to get out the door to a training I was having for new sending associates at our regional office.  Kinsley went upstairs to get dressed and yelled downstairs at me “Mom, look what I found in my book box? A coin!”  I answered with “Oh thats great!  Now get dressed.”  I briefly had the thought “What if she puts it in her mouth and we aren’t up there?”  but then it was followed by “But she plays with coins all the time and knows better than to put it in her mouth”.  So, I went about getting things done and then I hear this frantic screaming coming from upstairs.  It was the same type of panicked scream she had when she accidentally put a sticker up her nose last month (another story for another day).  I knew what had happened before I even reached her.

As I got to the top of the stairs, she meets me and starts telling me the coin is in her throat.  After having her swallow, drink water a few times, and looking in her mouth, we determined that the coin was not stuck, but had passed through the throat.  I was surprisingly calm (mostly because the sticker incident last month was way more serious and it turned out okay) and just told her that it would come out in her poop after it went through her body.  She immediately went to the potty, pulled down her pants, and said “I have to poop.  I have to poop it out.”  Boy, if it only worked that quick.

So where is the coin?  Your guess is as good as mine.  We haven’t seen it yet (even though there is a chance we have “overlooked” it, but as Kinsley says “it is going down, down, down”.  Her babysitter, who thankfully arrived after all was calm, told us that she swallowed a quarter when she was three and it eventually came out, so I rested easy knowing that Kinsley’s was only a penny.

Here is a pic of Kinsley playing in her “tent” with Daddy while mom was leading the training at the office:

And this is what Emerson was doing….climbing (one of her favorites):

In other unrelated news, God is moving mightily on our campuses here, and specifically at Fayetteville State.  We have been praying and eyeing Fayetteville State for almost 2 years now, but haven’t had the manpower to attempt to launch anything there.  Fayetteville State has over 6,000 students, is a historically black college, and has no ministries of any kind on the campus.  This year, we decided as a team that we would go for it, God willing, and prayed that we would see the Lord move mightily as we stepped out in faith.  This is exactly what is happening!

Over 200 surveys were collected at the survey table we hosted as we gave away free stuff, we have had 25-30 students attending Bible study, 4 people have accepted Christ (including 1 who randomly approached our teammate Kai on campus, asked her if she was with Impact (what we call ourselves there), said she had just started reading the Bible to investigate the claims of Jesus a few weeks before, and then made a decision that night to follow Christ and shared that decision on Facebook for the world to see!), and they have over 10 people signed up to come to Fall Retreat with us!  Last Wednesday, Kai had appointments all day to followup from those surveys (girls are so hungry to meet and hear about Christ!), and 3 different times that day she texted us to say another girl had decided to surrender her life to Christ and accept His forgiveness for her sins.  3 different times in one day…definitely a God thing!  And that has been our prayer…that God would do something so great on our campuses that we can’t say it was because of anything we did but only because of Him!

Also, we set a God-sized goal to have 50 students from ENC come to our Fall Retreat this year (we had 35 students last year but 10 of those belonged to NC Central which we have since turned over to volunteers and no longer count in our totals).  So basically, we were trusting the Lord to take us from 20 students to 50.  As of the deadline last week, we have OVER 50 signed up.  Okay, seriously God?  Praise the Lord for being gracious to us and allowing us to be a part of what He is doing here!  Fall Retreat is this coming weekend, so please be in prayer!

Next week (or this week if I can find time), I want to update you on my DIYs that I have been doing.  I have been going new recipe crazy and have learned a lot about what to keep and what not to keep.  Stay tuned….

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