Wedding Festivities

Well, the weekend has came and gone.  The weekend that my little brother, Alex, gets married to his girl, Kristin (in this picture with Kinsley over a year ago).  Even though he is 26, it feels like he is way too young to be getting married!!  But, none the less, get married he did!  It was a great weekend (not very restful though!) celebrating Alex and Kristin and spending lots of fun time with family.  Here is a rundown of the weekend, including fun moments and highlights.

Friday, while Kinsley was napping (and after she called the front desk from our hotel room which we only found out about after the fact from the front desk staff who loved their conversation and had a great attitude about it), I helped my mom set up the meeting room in the hotel for the rehearsal dinner.  It was a HUGE task, especially when we only had about 2 hours to do it!  We got ready for the rehearsal in 5 minutes which is an all time record for both of us!  At the rehearsal, Kinsley ran down the aisle (the same thing she did at the wedding she was a part of in October), only stopping to wait for Elijah Brooks (the pillow bearer) to help her down the steps.  The rehearsal dinner turned out so well, from the decorations to the food to the fellowship.  My mom is brilliant about decorating, and it showed. Here are a few pictures (be sure to take a look at that awesome cake!):



Saturday, wedding day, started out with a family breakfast at the hotel, swimming at the indoor pool for the kids (talking time for the adults), and then the WEDDING!  We arrived early for pictures and to get Kinsley dressed in her pretty flower girl dress (which we do not have pictures of on our camera because she got sick as we arrived at the reception and threw up on her dress 🙁 – we are most definitely done with vomit!).  I was anxious about whether Kinsley would walk down the aisle and whether she would stay quiet with us for her to stay in the ceremony, especially since it was her nap time.  Well, to make a long story short, she didn’t make it down the aisle by herself (Ed walked with her part of the way) – and we think it was because the photographer was right in front of her, flashed the camera, and blocked the handrail for her to hold on to get down the steps, which caused her to freak out.  We know she can do it because she has before, but for some reason, she got stage fright.  She did manage to stand still for family pictures, which didn’t happen at the last wedding.  She did stay with us and played quietly for the whole ceremony, thanks to new toys and M&M’s to bribe her.

The reception was on the air force base in Charleston, and was really nice.  The food was yummy, the dancing was fun, and they even had a photo booth, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!  Here are some pictures from the special day:

Here are some pictures from the special day:

#1 – Kinsley, Ed, and I at the reception

#2 – my grandmother (mom’s mom) and grandfather (dad’s dad)

#3 – their wedding cake

#4 – my dad making his best man’s speech

#5 – Kinsley dancing on the dance floor.  She danced the WHOLE time, even if nobody else was on the dance floor.  Everyone was entertained watching her, but we weren’t surprised since we know how much she loves music and dancing.  All the dancing might have contributed to her throwing up the second time that night.

#6 – This is unrelated to the wedding, but is a picture of her goofing around at my parent’s house the next morning.

Overall, it was a great weekend and everyone had a great time (minus the many trips to the bathroom to clean up vomit)!  I am so happy for Alex and Kristin and that I finally have a SISTER!  I also loved getting to see family, especially those that traveled from afar for the occasion.  Our family has problems like everyone’s, but it is so fun and easy to be around them, and we always create memories!  There’s just no place like home.

Oh, and next to the wedding, my favorite part of the weekend was going to eat at Miyabis Japanese        Steakhouse with my family on Sunday evening to celebrate my birthday early.  I LOVE that place and can honestly say that I haven’t found another Japanese restaurant near as good as that one.  Every chance we get, we travel to Myrtle Beach and eat there – and a birthday coming up seems just as good of a reason as ever!



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