Turning 6 on Easter!!

We had a big, big weekend in our family – not only was it Easter and all that goes along with that, but someone turned 6 – Kinsley!

I can’t believe that this sweet, sensitive, independent, full of drama and personality little girl is 6.  What fun it was reminiscing on the day she was born – being in false labor for days, going in and having them break my water, being in labor forever and not having her come, and then having it all end in a c-section where she arrived healthy and happy.  Little did we know that the drama would continue even after she was born!  As we celebrated Easter and talked a lot about Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection, my prayer is that one day this holiday takes on a whole new meaning for her as she celebrates the resurrection of HER personal savior, Christ.  What a privilege for her to share her birthday with a day that we celebrate Jesus being alive and conquering the grave!

To celebrate, she wanted to have a My Little Pony party at our house, inviting a few friends and a bunch of girls from her kindergarten class. Ya’ll, Easter is a fabulous holiday to share a birthday with, just sayin. Talk about built in decorations and activities to do.  For instance, my neighbor gave me the brilliant idea to do an Easter Egg Hunt as an activity.  I added in buckets for the kids that I personalized with their name (have I told you I love my Silhouette machine?!?) and eggs with candy in them, and I had a perfect gift for them to take home.  We also did a jelly bean race (was supposed to be relay but trying to get 4-6 year olds to stay in groups of 4 proved pretty impossible!) and colored/painted My Little Pony sheets.

And for the cake, Kinsley had picked out this cake and said she wanted it.  No biggie, right?  At first, I thought it looked pretty dang easy, but then….when it came time to talk logistics, it was hard.  You can’t pat the sprinkles on because they will stick to your hand and make a huge mess and you can’t spoon them on because they won’t stick to the side. So, my mom, the hero she is, held the cake layers and turned them while I poured on the sprinkles and patted them to stay.  It turned out great, if I do say so myself.

As soon as the party was over, she disappeared, only to reappear dressed in her PJs (and had her doll changed into her PJs too!).  She loved that they could match and wore them all day until we made her change to go to our Easter Picnic with our church family.

Here is a picture of little man doing his first egg hunt, one that our town puts on for all the kids in the city. And one of the kiddos posing with the Easter Bunny.

My parents took Emerson back to their house to stay with them for the week, so we didn’t have her to join us at church on Easter Sunday, which meant we didn’t get a family picture of everyone (but enjoy the picture of Blake with Ed and Emerson in SC with my parents).  But, we did have a fabulous morning at church – eating doughnuts, drinking coffee, and worshipping with our church family.

Praise the Lord that HE IS RISEN!!

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