Three Years Old – Getting So Big!

Seriously, where have the years gone?  The person who said “The days are long but the years are short” was so very right!  Some days it does feel like it will never end.  But this year, on her third birthday, looking at Kinsley and then looking at Emerson, who is already 5 months old, I feel like time is flying by faster than I could ever imagine.

Kinsley is spunky, energetic, loves people, strong-willed, a talker, cautious, inquisitive, and sweet-spirited – we love her fun, unique personality.  My mom says she prayed for her to have a good personality before she was born and boy, did the Lord answer that prayer!  We have officially entered into the why-where-what-how, I can do it myself phase but I wouldn’t trade a day of it.  Even despite being jealous sometimes and struggling to be gentle with her, she loves her sister dearly and cherishes waking her up (aka going to get her) in the morning, watching her discover the world, and showing her off to others.  I am so excited to watch them develop into best friends.

We decided to just do a small party at McDonalds with a few of her friends, our team, and my parents.  All she kept asking for was a princess cake so this was the one request we tried to honor.  Here are a few pics from her birthday, including one from when Ed’s parents were here to give her their presents.

In other news, Emerson started solids this month.  Yes, it is before 6 months which is the preferred time most pediatricians want you to wait until.  But when your child is sitting in her bumbo at the table at dinner and staring down your spoon all the way from the plate to your mouth, you have to have mercy.  She loves rice cereal so far!

We were really excited for Easter this year because Kinsley is finally getting to an age where she is understanding everything and could really color eggs, hunt for eggs, etc.  But, the Lord had other plans.  Kinsley got the norovirus on Friday before Easter, had it through the weekend (poor thing…it took her system forever to recover because she was just so sick 2 weeks ago), then I got it, then Ed got it.  So, needless to say, we did nothing Easter related except talk about the meaning of Easter as a family and do resurrection eggs.  Here is a picture of the poor pitiful little girl on Easter:

Needless to say, we are really grateful that we are all finally getting well and are so thankful for Spring and to be done with all this mess.  Please pray we stay well!!


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