The Results Are In….

Black Friday 2011 has come and passed.  So what were the results?  Well, after catching up on my sleep and analyzing my deals, here are the results….

1.  We most definitely had fun!  Not only did my mom and dad go with me, but we also convinced my brother’s fiance to go as well.  We definitely made memories laughing at my dad almost getting run over, him almost running over others, eating at Cracker Barrel, and most of all, getting good deals.

2.  This year was much crazier than other years.  Wal-Mart in Georgetown, SC was a nightmare!  They didn’t have most of what we came to get though we were there about an hour before the sale began (we were told things were already in people’s carts an hour and a half before the sale began).  Not to mention that some items we were wanting that were being released at 12 were already long gone because they gave them out early at the 10:00 sale, though the sales ad says you can’t buy until 12!  Bad move, will hear my complaints!  Then, in Belk, my brother’s fiance was looking for boots and when she went to find them, people had taken the boxes to all different parts of the store, tried them on in the floor, and left them there.  So, if you were looking for boots, you had to search for them ALL over the store because people just left them in a pile on the floor.  Seriously, people?

3.  We got some good deals.  While I didn’t go for any major deals like TVs, I did manage to get all of my Christmas shopping done at amazing prices.  Best deals of the day?  HP Wireless Printer for $39.  Bride Wars DVD for $1.96.  Nice Griddle, waffle maker, blender for around $10 each (these are for wedding presents).  Garage door opener for our house for $99.  Comforter set for our guest room for $48.  Fleece sleep pants for $4.50.  3 pk of Wilton cookie pans for $10.  And the list continues….  My parents got a lot of other really good deals that top mine!

I am sad it is over and can’t wait til next year.  Not sure who my shopping companions will be but you can bet that I will be out there with someone!  We are still in Georgetown, SC enjoying time with my parents with plans to put up the Christmas tree today.  I LOVE the holidays!!  More pics and posts to come….

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