Spring has Sprung!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I have been doing all kinds of fun things with the girls.

We visited something called “Farm Days” that NC State hosts where you see and pet all kinds of farm animals and get ice cream, we took a gymnastics class with our church friends (we opted to take a good friend of Kinsley’s who is 4 and to leave Emerson behind because she is so young), we went to an Easter egg hunt our town hosted for kids, learning with our resurrection eggs, lots of play time with our neighbors,

and we have been to the park and Chick-fil-A lots.  But I guess you will have to take my word for it, because I keep forgetting to take pictures!  I need to get better at this, but I have also been one to opt for living in the moment rather than behind the lens of the camera.  And without a smartphone, remembering and lugging a camera around is a lot of work!

But, I did get these pictures – Ed loves keeping our cars clean and this time, someone else wanted to help.  Yep, she LOVED the water and getting sprayed.  Love this kid.

One of the fun things I did recently was run in a 5K race.  I was supposed to run with a good friend of mine, but the night before/morning of the race, she came down with the stomach bug.  What a bummer!  So, we loaded up the family and went to the race together.  Kinsley brought her cheerleading pom-poms to cheer me on, and Ed brought lots of snacks to keep them occupied 🙂

I had no intentions of actually placing in the race, but only to make it through.  I was so exhausted through the race and when it was over, I kept beating myself up that I was so worn out because I had run 3.1 miles lots and knew it shouldn’t be a challenge for me.  However, when I looked at my time, I realized I ran a whole minute more per mile faster than I had been running.  I saw this and thought “No wonder I am exhausted and worn out!”  I even placed eighth in my age group (this may not be a big deal but from the girl who just wanted to survive, it was!).  I love running and really enjoyed the race and am praying that my knee (I have a bad knee and am not supposed to be running at all) will hold up for it to continue.  Not only has it been refreshing and challenging, but it has even helped with weight loss!  Here is a pic of me crossing the finish line.

I have tried lots of fun recipes this month and done a few DIY crafts, so I am looking forward to sharing them with you in the next post!  Hope you are enjoying the warm weather as much as we are!!


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  1. Way to go April! Such an accomplishment on your 5k. Let’s do a race together one time, I could use someone to push me on my speed and shaving 1min off each mile is amazing!!

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