For the last two and a half weeks, our house has been on the market.  The first week, NOBODY came!  Our real estate agent insured us not to panic and that sometimes this kind of thing happens the first week.  While our job, ministry, and life depends on trusting the Lord to show up and make the impossible possible, we still struggled with waiting when absolutely nothing was happening.  So, we prayed and waited and prayed and waited. The second week, we had 7 showings (with two of those being a second showing).  While we were grateful for all of these showings, I can definitely testify that keeping a house is showing order is much harder with a little one running around.

After the second second showing, we got a call from our real estate agent stating we had an offer.  We were able to negotiate that night (at 10:00 at night, may I add, which has given me a newfound respect for real estate agents) and just like that, our house is under contract!!  We will have a home inspection this coming Monday and will look to close on September 30.  We are so grateful to the Lord and praise Him, because only He could sell a house in this housing market in two and a half weeks!  Here is a picture of our cute house that we are going to miss dearly.





The next step in this crazy journey is nailing down a place to live for two weeks here in Kentucky (thankfully, the Lord has already provided 3 different options), finding a place to store our stuff when we have to move out, and finding a place to live in Raleigh.  We will update you as we figure everything out and are excited to see the Lord guide and direct us as we continue on this great adventure of knowing and serving Him in ministry.

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  1. So excited for you guys! My last home was list to close in exactly 45 days. It is a crazy whirlwind but so worth the crazy. Let me know if you need realtor recommendations or any other help.

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