SM Week 2

Summer Mission Week 2 is in the books!  This week our students and staff settled into a more regular routine with going to campus every day, prayer morning, training more, extended time to study the Bible, Bible study, discipleship times, etc. Emilee, one of our students that came on summer mission with us last summer, wrote this on her Facebook account about her first week:

“My first full week back in the city has been a whirlwind, but it has also been so sweet being back in NYC! I am so thankful that the Lord brought me back here to do ministry again this summer. We went to campus three days out of the week, and the conversations we have had have been so encouraging! Already this past week, we saw two people give their lives to Christ! Y’ALL the Lord is moving here in amazing ways, and I am so excited to see how He continues to work as we go into our first full week on campus!!”

For me, I am not on campus with the students every day, but between keeping up with the finances for the summer mission and the NYC campus teams, being at 3-4 summer mission things a week, and doing all our normal life things here like school and mom’s group (things here go through June because school doesn’t end until the end of June), we haven’t had a lot of down time. However, this past Friday night, Ellen, a sweet friend who is also on summer mission with us, babysit our kids for us to go out on a date and connect with some friends AND then Saturday, because we had the day off, she went with our family to Central Park Zoo. It was a nice break (minus the frantic phone call to Ed that resulted in WAY more work for the weekend that there might be bed bugs at the hotel the students and staff are staying at – thankfully, there isn’t!!) and we were glad to have some family down time.

Check out pictures from this week:

The kids at Central Park Zoo and some of our favorite animals (Kinsley LOVES the Red Panda and at first we couldn’t see him at all and THEN, he came up the branch right in front of us for just a few minutes before he disappeared again – it was one of the best moments of her life 🙂 ).

This are some pictures of our students/staff eating lunch and sharing the Gospel on campus (the one with the water fountains and the view of the city is at Queens College and the other is at Columbia University).

For a fun social time, we (minus the kids and I because it was a weekday when they had school), went to Central Park to play games and hang out and then headed to Top of the Rock to view the city from up high. I am amazed every time I see these views.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Coney Island with the students and staff to enjoy the beach and amusement park and then Sunday, they will head to church to serve and worship Jesus. Then, the week starts over! Crazy to think there are only a few weeks left! We saw one girl trust Christ today at Columbia University – pray that the Lord continues to move in students’ hearts and that he uses our students to impact lives in NYC!


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