Running or Swimming?

Ladies and gentlemen, we officially have a first grader in our house!  How in the world did that happen?  Kinsley had a great last few weeks of school with lots of fun happenings like field day, water day, and an end of the year picnic in her class.  She is glad to be out of school, but will miss seeing her friends and teachers.  We loved Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Wallace and are so grateful to them for the awesome job they do with their students!  She has made lots of great friends that she will miss dearly when we move (and I will miss their mommas!), but we are looking forward to keeping in touch (Thanks Facebook!) even after we move.

It is so fun to see how much she has developed in one year – she is now reading, writing full sentences, and doing lots of math ALL the time.  Seriously, I think I call out math problems for her to solve in my sleep!  And lets not mention the other fun things we have learned – like did you know that frogs don’t have teeth and to swallow their food, their eyes go down into their mouth and push their food back?  Um, yea, I couldn’t believe it, so we watched a You Tube video to confirm…totally a true fact!

Our fun little town hosts a race every year called “Run the Quay” (for Fuquay Varina, get it?!?) and I did the 10k last year and wasn’t super pleased with my time, even though the course is super hilly and challenging.  Actually, that race was where I realized how slow I was running, that I didn’t like being near the last person, and if I was going to keep running, I had to get faster.  Which, thankfully, I have.  So, I decided I wanted to do it again to beat my time and have a new challenge.  Ed and I like running races together so my parents came into town to watch the kids so we could both run it.  And to make it more fun, the girls decided to do the kids fun run (Kinsley did it last year and loved it).

I didn’t get a picture of us at the race, but we DID finish and I DID beat my time from last year.  It was super hot and humid and one guy actually got taken away in an ambulance.  All that to say, my time wasn’t a PR for me, but it was better than last year and I was happy with it given the hot weather and crazy hills (I seriously counted 7 or 8).  Then, we went to cheer the girls on at the fun run, except Kinsley didn’t feel like doing it because she was having breathing problems that morning and a low grade temperature.  Emerson rocked it though, and thought she was big stuff for getting her medal.  We pray the kids see us exercising and view it as fun and not something that is tedious and boring – and so far, that is true for them.  Thanks mom and dad for watching and bringing them!

And then, because we couldn’t decide if we liked land or water best, we decided to take swim lessons.  We take it from this lady in Raleigh who is really good and super hard core, but the girls have done really well. We took them from her last year and were really pleased, especially since Emerson was fearless and we knew we needed someone who would push her to really learn in just a few days so she didn’t drown – she doesn’t coddle them and just ask them to kick their legs, if you know what I mean.

Lastly, because our real life right now with swimming lessons, finishing school, running races, and meeting with lots of people to tell them about NYC isn’t exciting enough, we will add to it another ear infection for Blake and this –

While I was taking Blake to the doctor for his ear, Ed took the girls to the pool for a very short swim.  When they came back, Emerson’s eye was swollen and red around the top.  It continued to get worse that evening and after a trip to the doctor the next morning, they confirmed our suspicions – it was a bug bite of some kind.  Seriously??  Thankfully, it didn’t hurt her, but taking benadryl 4 times a day when it makes her tired and groggy did hurt her.  Thankfully, her eye is back to normal now and no ER visits were needed.  Please continue praying that everyone gets healthy and stays well!

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