Running Mishap

Remember how I said that crazy things happen to you when you have a blog? Well, it happened again.

We had our annual staff conference with Cru in Black Mountain, NC (near Asheville) the weekend before Thanksgiving.  The girls had a blast playing with the other staff kids and making lots of fun crafts.  We had a good time catching up with old friends and hearing from a man we really respect who brought us great truths from the Word.  Sunday, we traveled back to NC, unpacked, did laundry, and packed again to head down to SC for Thanksgiving (Kinsley had school two days so we left when she finished).

Knowing that we would be eating lots and lots of food for Thanksgiving, Ed and I got up early on Thanksgiving day to go for a long run.  I love running in downtown Georgetown whenever we visit – the scenery is beautiful and there is plenty to look at so you don’t get bored.  So, we drive downtown, get stretched out, and start running toward the boulevard.  The boulevard is a giant circle by the water with softball and baseball fields in the middle.  I started running one way around the circle while Ed ran the other.  About halfway through the circle, when Ed and I were crossing paths, I noticed he was trying to stop me and was visibly shaken up.  He warned me to turn around and go back the other direction as to avoid the dog that had just bitten him.  Yes, you read that right – he got BIT by a DOG!

He said that there were two dogs out front of a house – a little dog who started yapping at him as he ran by, and a bigger dog.  The little dog barked but with no bite – the big dog, however, ran after him (not the first time a dog had ran after him) and latched on.  Ed turned to kick the dog but he had run away and wouldn’t come back near Ed.  Thankfully, though it hurt, no major damage was done.

We weren’t going to do anything about it, but after talking to people that day, and given that the attack happened right near a busy part of town where little kids play and lots of people run and walk, we decided to file a report with the police.  The police filed a report and will turn it over to animal control to look for the dog and find out whether the dog has rabies.  Crazy!

Speaking of running, Kinsley’s school had a Boosterthon Fun Run to raise money for the PTA.  Gone are the days of selling chocolate or gift wrap door to door (sad, I really liked that high-quality gift wrap!).  Instead, they get donations based on how many laps they run.  I like that they are encouraging fitness.  I like that they make it lots of fun for the kids.  I like that they teach them character traits throughout the week and try to make it not about just asking for money.  I digress…back to the run.

The day of the fun run, I loaded up the little kids and we went to cheer her on.  When the race started, she was doing so well (that is her with the red headband on in the picture).  And then, she wore out.  She also kept stopping for water at the water station after every single lap (seriously, yall, her teacher told her to quit stopping for water and to keep going), which didn’t help matters any.  The max number of laps she could have run was 35.  How many did she run? 26.  Bless it.  I think we can honestly say that at this point, running is not her thing, which is totally okay.  I am so proud of her for running like she did, and keeping on even when she was tired.


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