Our Week in Pictures

For once, I actually took lots of pictures this week.  So, instead of writing this long, lengthy blog post….I thought I would show you pictures instead and just narrate.


We had our first big snow of the season!!  It was the same snowstorm that moved across the south, and at first we were only supposed to get 1 inch.  Then, they moved it to 2-4 inches and in the end, we got way more than that.  I am not sure how much accumulated but it was a lot!  And, it was soft, powdery snow…no ice!

Ed was out of town doing training for leading the summer project here in NYC this summer, so he missed it, which was sad.  I really don’t like snow and much prefer to let him take the kids out since he loves it, but being that option wasn’t available, I took one for the team, got everyone ready, and we made memories in the snow.  First picture shows the three kids in our building getting ready to head out…notice our oldest (who is just like her mommy) didn’t want to play in it and just wanted to watch from inside) doesn’t have snow gear on.  After a few minutes watching her siblings play, she changed her tune and decided she wanted to brave it.  So, we all went upstairs, got her gear on, put the gear back on from the kids who had undressed while she was dressing, and headed back out again.  The kids had a blast and I literally had to carry Blake back inside because he wanted to stay out.  Shew, its a lot of work!

The bottom picture is from our kitchen window looking out into our neighborhood and shows how much snow we had gotten (and it kept snowing after this!).  Craziest part, nothing shuts down!  Food is still delivered, stores are still open, subways and trains still run, cars still drive, people still walk…..totally different from the South 🙂

We got fish!  I don’t know why we feel this desire to get a new pet before we have a new baby (we got Bruno a few months before Blake was born), but we have been promising the girls we would get them fish when we got to NYC because we had to give Bruno away before we moved.  So, in true Kinsley form, she hadn’t forgotten, and we finally owned up to our part of the bargain.  Ya’ll, fish is a whole new world for me.  Ed had fish growing up, but I didn’t, and I had no idea all that it cost or all that goes into it.  Since this photo was taken, we have lost three fish – one angelfish who fins were all torn up, one guppie whose tail was basically missing, and one dalmation molly who was chasing the angelfish and we are pretty sure tore up the fins of the first two.  As if we don’t have enough drama and craziness in our household, now we are testing water quality and buying more fish in hopes they don’t die or attack each other too.  Sigh.

Now that potty training is complete, we moved little man to his toddler bed to free up the crib for Brynn.  Yes, she won’t be in it for a little while, but in true April fashion, why wait for a transition when it is looming in the future and you can do it now?  He has done great in his big boy bed and is so proud of himself every single time he wakes up from it.  I am loving Brynn’s bedding, and it matches Blake’s since he has blue and grey elephants.

This little guy turned 2 yesterday!!  So, so crazy to think he is in the terrible two’s (though the three’s are more terrible in my opinion)!  Though he still has the VSD hole in his heart, it is crazy to think about the wild pregnancy and the maze of complications he has had even since being born (RSV In hospital, breathing issues, hole in his heart, etc.) and to think he is a happy, healthy, thriving 2 year old.  We had fun celebrating his birthday with a very small and low-key celebration of cake, ice cream, and presents with a few close friends.  He picked out his cake, which was similar to last year’s, but the boy LOVES cars of all kinds – race cars, ambulances, fire trucks, big trucks, etc., so no surprise he would want that on a cake.

He knew exactly what to do to blow out the candles (even though his sweet little blow didn’t even get close to blowing out the fire) and wanted no help opening his gifts. He got all kinds of fun boy things from capes to a fireman outfit to action figures to puzzles that make sounds to train racers.  He even got a little step stool that will enable him to see out the window and find the sirens without killing himself climbing up in the process.  Boy, the sirens never get old to him.

He is so very sweet and loves to give hugs and kisses.  He is a ham and loves to make people laugh and his laugh is still infectious.  He is busy, rough, tough, and tumble and loves balls, cars, trains, planes, boats, lawn mowers, etc.  He loves his sisters dearly and can’t wait to pick them up for school, play with them, or say good night and good morning to them. He definitely makes my heart melt with his sweet personality and his big cheeks – in fact, as we have had to start disciplining, I have struggled a little. 🙁  I pray that he continues to be sweet, loving, but yet also full of personality and tough.  I also pray he grows up to love the Lord and others well, serving Him for the rest of his life.  I also pray that you grow up to be a man of integrity who leads your family and others well.  Our lives wouldn’t be the same without you little man!

Less than 4 weeks and our lives will be changing in another big way!  So crazy it is getting so close!


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