On the Road Again…

Whoa, the traveling.  Last week, Asheville, NC.  Last weekend, Charleston, SC.  This week, NYC.

Last week, I attended a conference Cru hosts for the staff women in our region called Women’s Getaway.  The day before, my friend Jenn (who was directing the conference) swept me away with her to the hotel a day early to spend quality time together.  It was very fun, life-giving, relaxing, expensive (we made a trip to Gymboree for their after hours sale – really, really great sale but definitely not cheap!), and I love spending time with her.  The older I get, the more I appreciate good, quality time with my girlfriends.  I think its because I have learned that having a few friends who I can go deep with and know well is much more life-giving to me than having tons of friends who I don’t know and don’t know me well.  Knowing myself better and what gives me life is the one good thing about aging!

On the way home from the Women’s Getaway, Jenn and I got caught up in some really bad storms that were coming through NC.  I have been in bad weather and tornado warnings before (hello? I grew up around hurricanes my whole life), but I don’t know that I have ever been driving down the road when my phone started blaring a siren and saying “Tornado Warning in this area”.  Can we say scary?  We kept our eyes on the skies and the road, prayed like crazy, depended on lots of weather updates from our husbands, and did a happy dance when we got home.  One of the coolest parts of the drive?  Seeing a double rainbow in the midst of the storm.

Then, I unpacked, did laundry, repacked, and headed with the family to Charleston, SC.  Ed’s cousin from Ohio had a gymnastics meet in Charleston, so his whole family (parents, brother, and cousins) headed down for the weekend to spend it together.  We absolutely love Charleston and this trip was no exception.

Of all the times we have been in Charleston, we have never done a horse drawn carriage tour – not until now, that is.  While the kiddos were sleeping Saturday (and Ed’s parents were watching them lest you think we left them alone), we took a carriage tour with the rest of Ed’s family.  It was fun to see parts of Charleston that I didn’t even know existed and hear more of the history.  We also loved walking through the market, eating lots of good food, and running downtown early Sunday morning (seeing a Cruise ship as you are running is definitely fun scenery!).  It was a really fast weekend, but everyone had a blast!

Check out Ed’s cousin with her many medals from the meet – so cool!

Please pray as we get ready to head up to NYC this Friday for Spring Break with 18 other NC State students and staff.  On the road again….


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