Just keep ’em coming

As I mentioned before, we have been in a huge season of transition.  And it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.  Some of these we have known were coming and some have, well, just snuck up on us.  Here are just a few more that we have going on at the moment:

Kinsley began dance in August!  After the disaster that soccer was (I know it wasn’t that bad but I promised myself I wouldn’t sign her up for something again unless she asked to do it), I was hesitant to have her enrolled in dance even despite her asking numerous times.  Since our community center offers a class/program at a really reasonable rate (have you looked at how much dance studios charge nowadays? ridiculous, I tell ya), I decided to sign her up there just to get a taste to see if she liked it.  So far, she does.  Having one of her best friends in the class helps too, I am sure!

Next, Emerson, the little stubborn daredevil she is (I mean this in the nicest way), decided it was time to start climbing out the crib.  While we knew this transition would have to come before Baby Blake arrived, we had no idea it would be this soon.  When she climbed out once of twice, we decided to wait until she kept climbing out repeatedly to move her.  Well, that time came really, really soon – liked within a few days.  So, she is now sleeping in the bottom of their bunk bed while her sister is sleeping in the top.  The bed rail DOES NOT stop her from climbing out the bed, but she is slowly figuring out that this is her new sleeping place.  Now, to figure out how to get them to fall asleep quickly together and not take an hour to go to sleep.  Any suggestions?

Lastly, a big milestone happened in our house this week.  Kinsley started preschool.  We kept telling her she would start school after the big city, so when we got back from summer project, she didn’t understand what was taking so long.  Needless to say, it arrived and she has been so excited.

The first day, she pranced right into class, started telling her teacher about all the princesses on her lunchbox (including which ones’ movies she had seen and which she hadn’t), put her bag on the hook in her cubby, and acted like she had already been there every day for a year.  She never even looked back at me.

When I picked her up, she was dragging and acted tired, but pepped up in the car when she saw that I had picked up a few fun library books for her while she was at school (I kept hearing “These books are amazing” and “This is the bestest ever”), and then started telling me all the things they did in school.  She was especially excited about her library book they let her bring home from school (Cinderella, of course).  When I asked her what her favorite part of the day was – her answer was “lunch and playing outside”.  Yes, sweet child of mine, those were my answers too. 🙂

I know life is all about change and transitions – but can we slow down now?

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