My Favorite Things

When I told Ed I was doing a “Favorite Things” post, he just shook his head…I guess he wanted me to write about the kindergarten drama we have been having or the massive blowout Blake had yesterday.  If you don’t want to read about those exciting things and would instead like to read about my favorite things, read on.  If you are like him and just shaking your head, feel free to tune out and come back next week 🙂

As a momma of littles, I am all about things that save time, save money, and save my sanity.  My favorite things this month seem to follow that theme.

1 – Target Toy Clearance – I am all about saving money, so I love to shop store sales, consignment sales, and garage sales.  Let me introduce you to the Target Toy Clearance….happening twice a year, it features 50% to 70% markdowns on all types of fun toys.  I love to buy ahead for birthdays, Christmas, and to fill my gift closet.  Because I had a 20% carthwheel coupon, I was able to go when toys were only 50% and get a bunch of great things before other people bought everything. Check out my loot:

Though it may be hard to tell, thats a lot of stuff for a low price.  Birthdays and Christmas almost done for the year…check!

2 – Voice Text – I am all about saving time, so when I discovered the voice to text feature on my phone, I was in love.  Okay, okay, so some of you knew it was there years ago.  Me, however, I lived by old fashioned texting and didn’t know it existed.  It is so great to be able to send a text while sitting at a red light or to jot down to-do’s on my phone as they come to me without having to actually type them out.

The last 3 things are all about saving my sanity.  Chocolate, bug spray, and the Word….what else do you need for sanity?

3 – Ant Spray – Once a year, usually in the summer and after it rains, we get an ant problem.  Apparently, everyone in our neighborhood struggles with them.  We tried hiring an exterminator, but that didn’t make much difference.  So, we have resorted to using ant spray and just making it through those few months.

That being said, can I say that I love, love, love ant spray and that is not only kills them but keeps them from coming back.  That’s not to say they don’t come back in a different spot, but no worries, I have my handy dandy ant spray ready to kill 🙂  We have tried spraying the house, spraying the yard, and much more…so if anyone has any ideas for how to get rid of them long-term, I am all ears.

4 – Sweet Gifts from my husband – When Ed returned from Colorado, I knew he was bringing a gift for the girls to surprise them.  But, I didn’t know he would surprise me too.  I LOVE chocolate, but I am not a big fan of boxed chocolate.  Unless, it is See’s Candies.  I first tried this brand when we were on summer project in California and I fell in love.  So, whenever we see it, we usually try to buy it.  My sweet husband saw it in the airport and thought he would buy it for me…and let me tell you, I enjoyed it almost as much as him coming home. 🙂

5 – “She Reads Truth” Bible study – I kept hearing about this study, so I finally looked it up and decided to dive in.  They have an app you can put on your phone, a study you can order and actually write in, or you can just look at the daily devotional online.  I am currently studying “Women of the Old Testament” and am loving it.  It allows you to study it on your own, but then also gives you a rich nugget of truth.  And, from all I have seen, it seems to be contextually accurate and theologically correct, which is not something you always find these days.

It has been something that I have been able to study in the morning and then continuing meditating and that comes to mind all day.  If you are looking for something to supplement or enrich your time in the Word, check it out.

They are launching a men’s version soon, and I am so excited that a friend of ours, who was previously on staff with Cru, will be directing it.


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