Maze Magic

The stage was set, the doors were locked, and the hall was packed full of people.  As the clock struck 7, the doors opened and over 980 students filled Talley auditorium to watch The Maze.  We had spent the last week getting the word out all over the whole NC State campus about the coming of “The Maze”, from posters to social media to chalking the sidewalks, and it seemed to have worked based on the turnout.  During the day of the show, Jim and a few other illusionists who travel with the Maze, go throughout the campus doing crazy illusions and inviting people to the show that night.

The Maze features an illusionist named Jim Munroe who wows students with his illusions, challenges them with the question “How do you know what you think is true is really true and not merely an illusion?”, and openly shares his story of battling cancer and that leading to him discovering truth in the person of Jesus.  He then boldly challenges them to make a decision to follow Christ, who is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6), and to place their faith in Him.  59 students made the decision to place their faith in Christ last Wednesday night, which is amazing!  76 students indicated that they wanted to be involved in a Maze group, a small group Bible study where they talk more about the show and about Jesus.

One student made this comment about the show:

“When he talked about being at the end of his rope – it hit me.  That is me.  I am there and I need Christ.  I want to pray and surrender my life to Christ right now.”

After the show is over, our staff and student leaders enter all the students’ info that they collected from cards into a database that we use to followup with each student who indicated that they made a decision, want to be in a Maze group, or want to talk more about what Jim said and Christianity.  Our prayer is that these decisions and numbers aren’t just that, but that we get these students connected into Maze groups, small group Bible studies, churches, and other groups of Christian community where they can grow in this new relationship with Christ.

Will you pray with us that this happens?  Will you also pray that the Lord continues to work on hearts at NC State, calling people into a relationship with Jesus, whether they did or didn’t come to the Maze?  We have already seen the Lord doing big things on campus, but we are praying for so much more.  These years are so crucial in students’ lives, and we pray that we get to hear about how college was an influential part of a student learning to walk with the Lord for a lifetime.  Thank you for partnering with us through financial support and prayer to make this happen!


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