Life in Colorado

We have survived our first week in Colorado!  Enjoy the view from our little two-bedroom apartment (don’t mind the toys on the floor – yes I could have picked them up but I have limited time to write this as is and just five minutes of picking up toys could make a difference in me getting this written vs. not getting this written).  We can see the mountains out our front window which has been nice, the pool and cardio room are just on the other side of our building, and the King Soopers as well as the campus are about a block away (yes, the King Soopers being close is a GREAT thing!).

The day after we arrived, Ed dove straight into classes and it has been pretty intense.  He takes two weeks of Biblical Interpretation in the morning and Old Testament in the afternoon and then two weeks of Biblical Communication in the morning and God, Bible, Holy Spirit in the afternoon.  They bring in professors who teach at seminaries during the year so it is very much a real class with tests, papers, projects, etc.

The girls and I have spent lots of time shopping at Goodwill, thrift stores, and yard sales for furnishings for our apartments, going to the library, playing in the pool, going to the park, and just enjoying our time together.  I have also been support coaching three girls who are going to be interning for their second year at Univ. of Tennessee as well as continuing in my New Staff Coordinator role (I coordinate reviewers as well as complete reviews for students who are applying to be new staff in our region), so that has been a good time for me to stay involved in ministry while Ed is taking classes.  This week, Kinsley has been attending vacation bible school at a local church and has been loving it!  She is so excited about going to school like her daddy and about mommy dropping her off, leaving, and then picking her up.  My baby girl is growing up too fast!!  Fort Collins is also very much a biking town, so Kinsley has LOVED biking around town with her daddy to and from places.

This past weekend, we ventured up to Rocky Mountain National Park to see the “big” mountains and to do a small hike with the girls at Bear Lake.  The trip definitely didn’t go as we had imagined.  Emerson fell asleep while we were driving up to the one of the top spots in the park (oh so gorgeous…seriously, could God make anything more beautiful?) and then woke up as we were getting out to touch the snow (Kinsley absolutely HAD to do this) and use the bathroom.  Kinsley didn’t know what to think about using the bathroom in a hole in the ground because the pipes were still frozen.

We left to travel back down to Bear Lake and Emerson, who had decided she wasn’t having it in the car anymore, screamed almost the entire way.  Then, we get to Bear Lake and not only are all the parking lots full (which meant we had to drive to a far lot and take a shuttle bus), but we were nearing lunch time, nap time, and storm clouds were beginning to role in.  Thank the Lord, we decided to head back to Estes Park and eat lunch there and were really thankful we did when it started raining.  Imagine being stuck on trail hiking with two small, hungry, tired, and grumpy little girls….not fun :(.  So we are 0-1 for tries at hiking so far.  Heres to next time.

We are hoping to try again this weekend so heres to attempt #2!


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  1. I laugh every time your posts pop up on my reader because Ed is listed as the author so I start reading with his voice/perspective in my head. A few sentences in, it changes.

    Yep, this is staff life in Colorado. I’ve done it for 22 years!

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