Last Fall Retreat in the Bluegrass

So this past weekend was our last Fall Retreat in the Bluegrass…and what a great one to end our time here with!

We had been praying for 150 students and we had OVER 150 students from 7 different campuses.  So exciting!!  We brought in 3 different speakers from 3 different churches throughout Central Kentucky and the Lord used them to speak great truth from His Word to our students.  In addition to worship by an awesome band from a church in Lexington and hearing from these speakers, they enjoyed lots of free time for fellowship and fun, a great big bonfire, good food, discussion groups where they talked about what the speaker shared, and campus times.

One of my favorite parts about Fall Retreat is connecting with new students who are new to Cru or maybe not even involved with Cru but who come because their friends invite them.  For instance, one of the best conversations I had, was with a girl from the University of the Cumberlands.  She shared that she had come to Cru social events at her school a few times, but that had never been to a Bible study.  She didn’t grow up in a Christian home but had come to Fall Retreat because she wanted to see what this Christianity thing was all about and if this was something she needed in her life and so far, she had decided it was!!  While I didn’t hear whether she made a decision by the end of the weekend to trust Christ, I know that she made great friends at her school that plan on meeting with her and inviting to surrender her life to Christ very soon.

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

In other news, Ed and I took Kinsley to see an ENT this morning at the recommendation of our pediatrician because she has had 6 or 7 ear infections this year.  The ENT took one look at her and said she needed to have tubes.  Her infection that was diagnosed just the week before was gone, but there was still fluid meaning it would be back soon.  This is what keeps happening and why they are reoccurring.  We are moving Tuesday and if we waited until we got to Raleigh to get an appointment to see an ENT, she is liable to have another ear infection.  So, the ENT was able to squeeze her in for him to do the surgery tomorrow!!  Tomorrow??!!??!!

So we will be going to the outpatient surgery center in the morning at 6:45, where we will meet with an anesthesiologist, and then she will have surgery at 7:45.  It will only take about 10 minutes to do the surgery and they say that after 2 hours or so, we will never know she had surgery.  She then has a doctor’s appointment at 11:30 with her pediatrician for her 18 month checkup and will get her immunizations.  Minus well get everything painful over in one day.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, a easy surgery with no complications, and a quick recovery.  We will keep you updated!!

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