How do I have a 4 year old?

We had a big milestone in our house this past week.  A birthday.  For Kinsley.  She is 4.  I know, I know…how did that happen?  How do I have a four year old?

Feels like just yesterday I was pregnant for the first time, decorating our nursery in Kentucky, attending child birth classes, dealing with days of false labor which ended in a c-section, and then figuring out how to take care of this newborn.  And now, faster than I would ever imagine, she is 4.

To celebrate, on her actual birthday, we gave her a few presents, ate dinner at  Chick-fil-A, took her out for ice cream, and watched Aladdin.

Then, we had an actual birthday party for her the next weekend.  We invited family and a few of her friends, made her a big princess cake (this is all she kept asking for so we went all out to make it for her), and then celebrated by opening gifts and playing while they were decked out in their princess dresses.  What was originally supposed to be a park part but had to be moved inside because of the weather turned out to be tons of fun.

I am so thankful for this girl!  She holds a special place in my heart as our first born and she has sanctified and is sanctifying me in many countless ways as I trust the Lord for things that we both struggle with.  She is full of personality, loves to dance, sing, and show off, is independent, is not afraid to do her own thing and not bow down to peer pressure, loves her sister dearly, and has such a tender heart.  I am so grateful to the Lord for her and can’t imagine not having her in our lives!

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