Happy birthday Brynn!!

This sweet baby girl is now 1 years old!!! I can’t believe how big she is getting and how fast it is all flying by!

Crazy to think that one year ago, we were waiting at the hospital for them to take us back for a c-section. I remember being so relieved to not be pregnant, so nervous about how we would do 4 children, and dreading the pain of recovery (I seriously wanted to keep her in at the last minute). I will never forget the instant connection I felt with her as soon as I heard her cry or the huge snowstorm that made us leave the hospital a day early.  When she was about two months old, Ed and I looked at each other and I said “We have managed to keep them all alive for 2 months – we are really doing this!”

She is adventurous (loves flying high and being put upside down and going fast), babbling away (we have another talker!), walking everywhere and getting into everything, already opinionated (she has mastered shaking her head no or yelling when she wants something), and she loves clinging to her momma. She definitely completes our family and is loved so much by her brother and sisters.

Because a birthday isn’t enough of a weekend plan for the Hetzels, we also did some other fun things this past weekend. While the girls and I stayed home, ate Thai that we had delivered, and put together Legos, Blake and Ed went to see the Monster Truck show at the Coliseum. Blake LOVES all things monster truck, so as part of his birthday present from the grandparents, we got him tickets to go see them. It was so loud and the headphones we brought for him weren’t cutting it, so dad have to get “tire” re-enforcements. After he got them on his ears and quit shaking, he actually enjoyed the show.

As if that wasn’t enough, we managed to fit in a birthday party for a friend of Emerson’s at an ice skating rink, church, and a super bowl party with our church small group.

And….want to know one of the things I love most about NYC? Getting to do once-in-a-lifetime kind of things – like visiting the Downton Abbey exhibition show that is in town for a limited time. In this exhibition, you get to see some of the rooms set up like is in the actual show, you get to hear more about behind the scenes workings, you get to see outfits that were worn, and you get to see actual props that they used in the show. If you are a Downton fan, this is a must see!  One major takeaway – the gowns are sooo much more pretty in person than they are on TV. And the bell board that they use to ring the bells to call the servants is so much bigger than it appears!

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