FINALLY an update!

While it has only been 2.5 weeks since my blog post, it feels like much, much longer. So, finally…I am posting a blog! I am a little ashamed at the small amount of pictures I have taken, but I will post the few here.

In the past 2.5 weeks, we have traveled to SC, Chicago (we only visited the airport here, but I am going to count it!), and Colorado.

In SC, we have been visiting with churches and current ministry partners, meeting with potential ministry partners, giving the kids swim lessons, seeing family, and taking a little vacation time. My parents got a new camper so we loaded up and went with them on a camping trip to a local campground on the beach. Granted, the campground has ALL the amenities including bath houses, a water slide, indoor and outdoor pool, splash pad, arcade, and much more, so I am not sure if that really counts as camping, but when you stay 6 people in a small front part of a camper, SURELY it counts. It was a blessing to be with family and we had fun, but I learned a VERY important lesson on this trip that I am sure has now been etched into my mind and that lesson is this: vacation with 4 kids isn’t restful (someone advised me that when you have little kids, you call them trips and not vacations…very, very wise)…in fact, life with 4 kids isn’t restful and I just have to be okay with that in this season. I am trying to cherish every moment with these sweet little ones the Lord has given me, and for now, that means that it is physically exhausting.

In Colorado, we attended on bi-annual staff conference with Cru. It was so much fun to see old friends, meet new ones, hear from our national leaders, attend seminars that equip us for our ministry, browse a bookstore with lots of great resources, and just have a good time away from the city. What wasn’t so fun is that since we started traveling, Brynn has decided that she not only is boycotting naps, she is also going to wake up at night the number of times that rival a newborn. Thank goodness for coffee, caffeine, and lots of talking to keep me awake.

Special thanks to Marie, our NYC resident baby whisperer who is on staff with Cru and was out in Colorado with us. She LOVES babies and offered to take and love on Brynn many, many times throughout the week. She even took her for a few hours while we were having lunch with someone so that we could get a break. So very thankful for her blessing others with the gift of caring for children that the Lord has given her.

We are leaving Monday to head to Greenville, SC (where Ed’s parents are) to meet with current and potential ministry partners. Would you pray that Brynn starts sleeping during the day and at night? Would you pray that the Lord leads us to those he wants on our team and that we are able to schedule appointments and get decisions from them? Would you pray that we have a “restful” week before heading back to NYC to start the school year?

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