Enjoying the Rest of Summer

Summer is slowly winding down….can you believe it is almost August?  When the summer started, the girls made a list of things they wanted to be sure to do this summer.  We have been trying to work hard of finishing that list before the summer is over and before we move.

One of the big things they have been wanting to do was to go to the park with Kinsley’s school friends.  In NC, it has been WAY TOO HOT to go to the park…like blazing hot.  So, we settled for the pool instead.  We have been making our rounds with different friends at their pools and trying to see everyone before we head to SC.  The girls’ favorite was being with friends at a birthday party and not just because its a great pool with a great slide.  But because of this….

Um, yes…thats a “real” mermaid.  As you can see, all the girls were fascinated by the mermaid and followed her around the whole time.  She did a great job interacting with the kids and her outfit was so pretty.  To top it off, a lot of the little girls had their own mermaid tails and both Kinsley and Emerson loved trying them on and pretending that they too were mermaids.  Now, mermaids are all they can talk about!!

The other big thing we did to check off the list was use a gift certificate to go paint pottery.  Kinsley has done it before and this time, I was brave enough to take Emerson.  I knew that paint mixed with a 3 year old could be a huge disaster.  Overall, she did great.  She was supposed to use a new brush for each color and I tried to tell her over and over again but gave up after awhile.  When she is mixing it all up on her piece anyways, what does it matter?  Because it is ice cream month, they were having a deal on their ice cream dishes – if you painted one, you got a percentage off AND you got free ice cream.  Can you guess what they picked as one of their pieces to paint?

They are excited to get them back once they get glazed – Emerson just didn’t understand why she couldn’t take it home that day.  I didn’t paint a thing – I had my hands full with them!

Other than these fun things, our days have been filled with meeting with potential ministry partners, following up with people we have met with, and doing lots of lots of packing and selling things.  We have sold pretty much every large piece of furniture in our house minus our couch (including our bedroom furniture, the girls’ beds, and our dining room table!) and we have tons of boxes in our dining room waiting to go to storage.  Making progress!

Thanks for your prayers – we are at 78% and are praying to be at 80% by the end of next week.  We can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for our family our this journey.

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