Enjoying Fall at the Fair

So, how are you adjusting to NC?  This is a question I feel like I have been asked and answered many times this last week.  To be honest, it is a hard question.  So here is how I am feeling:

Ask anyone that knows me and they would tell you that while change isn’t my favorite thing, I do it well and can transition easily, just because I do what needs to be done.  I thought that moving to NC for Ed to take a new position would be a huge step of faith for him, but not so much for me.  But I am discovering more and more that is far from the truth.  I think everything happened so quickly with our move that I didn’t have time to process what life would look like for me in NC.  I miss a lot of things about Kentucky and have my rough days when I dwell on them.  I miss having Cherry Berry “self-serve frozen yogurt” 3 minutes down the street.  I miss our church and friends from small group.  I miss trading days with another staff mom so that we could be on campus one day a week.  I miss our Cumberlands students that I meet with at least bi-weekly.  I miss having multiple Wal-Marts, Targets, Krogers, etc. within 15 minutes of our house.  I miss our neighbors, more than I could have ever imagined.  I miss hearing everyone rave about UK, not that I cared about UK, but their radical love for that team made Lexington home.  I miss having childcare at staff meetings.  I miss having a park within walking distance.  I miss driving around and seeing horses and million dollar barns everywhere.  The list could continue.   Yes, there are many things I am loving about NC – I love our team here, though they are way more spread out than in KY, I love the town we are living in, I love our house.  Life is still good, God is still the same, but everything is different.  Different is not comfortable. And man, I didn’t know how comfortable I was.

Okay, enough with the sad stuff.  We went to the NC State Fair last night with our staff team and had a blast!!  Kinsley road 3 different rides, one of which was the Merry Go Round which she sat on the horse and waved at everyone as it went around.  We ate some really good (but bad for you) food, got to see lots of farm animals, did lots of people watching, and rode some rides.  Here are a few pictures of Kinsley riding the rides as well as a few of our team members racing down the slide.

Check out this huge watermelon, weighing 282 lbs (a new state record!) and this pumpkin, weighing 522.8 lbs.  What in the world?  What do they fertilize them with?  All in all, it was really fun and great to get to know our team better.

Oh, and the best part of the week, we have been cutting down the pacifier a little each day to get Kinsley to give it up and it is working!!  She slept all night last night without it!!

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