DIY Update!

From the looks of it, we have been busy cooking and crafting.  Thats not entirely true, given that this is compiled and done over quite a few months.  But, it was fun none the less.  Enjoy!

Wall Canvas – I did this canvas to replace my old one on our kitchen wall.  Our old one was like the first one I had ever done, and after doing quite a few other projects, I wanted to attempt one with different fonts that was a little bigger.  I am very, very pleased with how it turned out.

Water Bottle Decal – I have wanted to do this for a while, but had a hard time finding the right monogram font.  I bought this font off Etsy, and overall, I am very happy with the result.  Totally addicted to this monogramming thing!

Monogrammed Shirts – Didn’t I say I was like the monogram thing?  These shirts were another thing that took me a while to create, mostly because I failed doing the heat transfer vinyl my first time.  Everyone has to fail sometime right?  A very sweet friend walked me through it, showing me I had to alter the blade on my Silhouette…and its not as hard as I thought!  Will be doing way more of this stuff.

Teacher Gift for Kinsley’s preschool teacher – I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course!), and loved that it was easy and something Kinsley could help me put together for her teachers.  She loved doing it and I think they loved receiving it (who doesn’t love cookies, right?).

Next, come the recipes.  We did the 21 Day Fix back in May, so we tried quite a few new recipes with that.  As you can see, we weren’t on the 21 Day Fix the whole time, as the M&M Brownies aren’t healthy at all!

Chicken Fajita Quesadillas – This recipe is delicious!!  We have cooked this several times even after the Fix ended, and everyone in our family (well, everyone except Kinsley who is SUPER picky) loves them!

Zucchini Noodles and Grilled Shrimp – My neighbor had a shredder tool that she used to shred zucchinis into noodles, and it was SO easy!  I wasn’t sure how everyone would like these, and the girls weren’t wild, but Ed and I enjoyed them and will do them again.  Such a great way to get in your veggies and kick the carbs.

Banana Pancakes – This was another clean eating/21 day fix recipe.  While it was okay, don’t know that this will replace our normal pancake recipe.  It was nice that it was healthier, but I think this is one recipe where I will opt for the carbs and the fat.

Japanese Steakhouse Mayo Sauce – okay, yall, something to know about me – I love Hibachi food.  Like love, love.  And even more, I love the Mayo Sauce/Yum,Yum Sauce/Shrimp Sauce they serve.  When we were in Kentucky, no one served it (such a travesty!).  So, I set out on a mission to make it on my own.  I couldn’t find any recipe that was close until….this one.  Yes, my friends, this is really, really, really close.  So, do yourself a favor, and try it now.

Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken – This recipe wasn’t all that I expected and more.  Lets just be honest.  I think it may have been because I used leg quarters instead of thighs, but regardless, I was disappointed with the flavor.

Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken – This recipe was good and something I will keep.  Not the best I have ever had, but good enough to keep.  Pair this was some vegetables and the Japanese mayo sauce, and you have heaven on a plate. And, gotta love the slow cooker recipes…best thing ever for busy moms.

Last, but definitely not least:  Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars – These were delicious!  But lets be real…how can you ever go wrong with M&M and Oreo?  They were definitely a hit with the rest of my family too!

Have you tried any good recipes lately that you would pass on?  Would love to keep expanding my collection with easy, few ingredient recipes!


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