Could it be true??

This is what I have asked myself multiple times the last few days.  Could Kinsley really be potty trained?  But, after 4 complete days of no accidents, I think it is safe to say that she is!!

How did this happen, you might ask?  I honestly don’t know, other than the good Lord.  I remember pulling my hair out just last Wednesday or Thursday, having a conversation with my mom on Thursday about whether to stop training, and then making the decision to stick it out for 4 more days (which would be a total of 7 days).  Then, it was like a flip switched on Friday and she started holding it and going in the potty every time.  We prayed earnestly for her to “get it” and even having all of you praying with us, we are confident the Lord made it happen!  We have even taken her to the store, church, restaurant, etc. and she has used the “big girl” potty multiple times…..which means it is a real success!

In other news, I went to the chiropractor last Friday, and he adjusted my back and it started feeling better almost instantly, and continued to get better over the weekend.  I am continuing to go to him for adjustments and taking it easy (which means no hard-core exercise which totally messes up my diet plan) in hopes of kicking this pain altogether.  I am so thankful I can bend down, sit, and even put on my pants and shoes without someone helping.  It is crazy how much we take for granted until it is taken away temporarily. In the midst of the potty training and the back problems, the Lord has taught me so many things (some of which I shared before) and my prayer life (especially being thankful) has definitely increased through all of this!

We Ed (I couldn’t hardly move, much less ride a long distance) attended a faculty/volunteer training session this past weekend for our faculty/volunteers that work with us on our campuses.  Last year, 2 faculty came.  This year, we had 6!  It was a great time to train them on how to share their faith, lead Bible study, find student leaders, disciple student leaders, etc. and just to fellowship with each other as they shared how the Lord was moving on their campus.

This week is going to be busy, with just starting ministry full swing this semester.  But, besides that, some other things I have added to my agenda that I hope to update you on – attending a MOMS club outing for the first time, reading (I hope to share with you my list of books I want to read this year), and helping to host a baby shower at my house for Amanda (her husband is part-time staff on our team).  For the baby shower, I made a diaper cake (for the first time ever!) and am hand-making a lot of the decorations.  I will post pictures to show you how they turn out – I am little lot excited, can’t you tell?

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