Christmas Round 1

Remember how I said Christmas was one of my favorite times of the year?  Well, this year it was confirmed even more!  We just got back from my parents house for Round 1 of Christmas.  Tomorrow, Ed’s parents will visit and stay with us through Christmas.

Christmas at my parents house was fun for many, many reasons.  Here are a few:

1.  Christmas baking, family together (with my dad’s side of the family) with WAY too much food, a special visit from Santa (my dad), lots of kids gathered in one place laughing and having fun.  Kinsley did not like Santa….she liked looking at him but didn’t want him looking at her or getting too close.  She loved following the “big kids” around and doing what they did.  She also loved the baby doll that she got from my granddad.

2.  Eating at Miyabis Japanese steakhouse (the food was oh so good but Kinsley hated the Santa hats the chefs and waiters were wearing and hated the chef cooking) and then going to look at Christmas lights synchronized to music at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans ball field.  She sat on the middle console and danced to all the music, until she decided to pop through the top!

3.  All the fun presents from Gammy and Pop-Pop, Uncle Alex and Kristin.  Kinsley is most definitely spoiled since she is the only grandchild!  She loved all of her presents and kept saying “Wow!”  She got everything from bath toys, to a wagon, to a tricycle (which she will have to grow into), to a Mickey bowling set, to clothes, to a potty.  And yes, she loves the potty!  She even used the bathroom in it, which I know was completely by accident, but fun nonetheless.  I am looking forward to potty training when the new year rolls around.

4.  Steamed oysters!  Okay, so this wasn’t Kinsley’s favorite, or Ed’s, since he doesn’t like them, but it was mine.  This is seriously one of my favorite parts about going home…getting good, fresh seafood, like yummy oysters.  I think there is no way you can be raised on the coast and not like them!

5.  Great times visiting ministry partners and reflecting on the birth of Christ together.  This weekend, we worshiped with Center Baptist Church, one of the churches that generously supports us.  It was great seeing people who have become like family, and hearing about Christ and how his birth and resurrection are the basis for all we believe and hope for.

It has also been really fun hearing Kinsley start saying more and more these last few weeks.  She is not only starting to say larger words (like balloon, turtle, ready, etc.) but also phrases (like I don’t know, I all right, in a little while, the other way, etc.).  So fun to have her really communicating with us!

We pray you are having a merry Christmas and we will update you soon on Round 2!

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  1. You are here for Christmas?!?! Do you have plans for Christmas Eve church? You are welcome to join me if you wish or even Christmas morning church at 11. Just let me know.

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