Christmas Happenings

Christmas 2014 has come and gone.  Crazy how that happens so quickly, right?  This year felt especially quick, I guess because of the all the things that we did and had planned.  It was a great Christmas with a lot of get togethers and for that, I am so thankful!

We had a Christmas party/get together with our community group from church and then even surprised me by having a mini baby shower while it was going on.  It was so sweet to shower us with love and to make this time special.  We had our spring planning with our campus team as well as our Christmas party.  It was filled with good food, a fun Christmas movie, and lots of fun games. I  had a Christmas party with some women from our church, which was filled with food and lots of talking!  We also celebrated Christmas with my dad’s side of the family, filled with good food and a Christmas gift auction exchange.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas was a get together/party we had with my mom’s side of the family.  We have a rather large family and while we used to get together with everyone every Christmas, we haven’t done it in probably 5 years or more.  This year, we decided to gather everyone in the family, those scattered near and far, and surprise my granny with a Christmas party, since that was one thing that she loved so much about every year.  We ended up getting everyone there except a few, and she absolutely loved it.  It was a treasure seeing her face and feeling her excitement (though I don’t think she really got over the shock until everyone had left).  We had arranged games for everyone to play, a tribute to her, of sorts, where we told her all the things we appreciated about her, and the present auction where we draw numbers and pick gifts.  Oh, and did I mention the good food?  It was a full house, but so great seeing everyone and being in one place together.

We spent time looking at Christmas lights around town, eating oysters at my parent’s house, ate at Miyabis (my ultimate favorite hands down best of all time Japanese restaurant), bought Christmas gifts for a family in need, did some Christmas baking together, and got to spend fun time with my brother, sister in law, and niece Johana.

Then, we celebrated Christmas with Ed’s parents and then spent actual Christmas with my parents.  The girls have had a blast and have loved being around family so much.  It was also fun hearing them sing “Happy birthday Jesus” and learn more about the Christmas story and the real meaning of Christmas.  All in all, Christmas was a fun time and something I will always treasure.

Here are some pictures sharing our fun Christmas!

Admiring the village at my mom’s house.

On our agenda for the new year?  Welcome baby boy Blake, who is due to be here in about two weeks!

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