Big Announcement – It’s A….

We have some big news in our house…as if selling our house and moving to NYC isn’t news enough.  We are pregnant with baby #4 and I am due February 11, 2017!!

People kept asking me if we wanted a 4th child, and I would say “Yes, but just not in the middle of this transition…I can handle a lot but I don’t think I can handle that too”.  Well, the Lord obviously had other plans.  After getting over the shock, we are excited and know the Lord is going to provide everything we need, including energy to keep up with a 4th.

With all of Blake’s medical issues (and especially while I was pregnant), we were really relieved to have our Level 2 Ultrasound (a super in-depth ultrasound) and to find out that everything looks perfect – from having 3 vessel cords to no hole in the heart to normal sized kidneys.  And the baby was SO active during the appointment which was fun to watch the yawning, the kicking up and down, the turning over and over, etc.  It made it difficult for the ultrasound tech but it was neat to watch.

And for the moment you are probably wondering about….IT’S A GIRL!!  We are excited to add more pink, bows, squealing, singing, and drama to our house.  Here is one of the first pictures of our sweet little girl (the second pic shows her hand up by her head):

When we got back from our appointment, we told the girls and the rest of our family by letting them release balloons out of a box (they did this last time and asked that we do it again) and eating a cake.  Unfortunately, the lady who made the cake either didn’t think about what she was writing or she thought we were having twins 🙂  Bless her sweet heart. We got a video of the girls opening the box, but didn’t get a still shot, and since I can’t figure out how to upload videos here, here is a still shot we took this morning.

If you notice in the picture above, Emerson had a really bad fall while running right before we announced the gender.  It was bleeding pretty badly, but after getting it stopped (or pretty much stopped) and sleeping on it, she woke up this morning and it was HUGE! She couldn’t eat breakfast, had to have a smoothie, and has had a hard time being understood when she talks all day.  It looked so bad that we took her to the doctor to make sure it was okay – and they said it should look the worst it will look and there is nothing they can do for lips.  She is such a trooper and has only taken medicine once for it and only complained when she ate – she is amazing with pain!

Thank you for continuing to pray for our ministry – we are at 93.3% of what we need to move and we only need 10 more people at $100 monthly to report to NYC.  Praise the Lord for how He is providing for us….we have some awesome stories to share.  I just may have to do a blog post of cool stories we have from seeing the Lord provide these last few months.  Continuing praying that we can move and report soon!

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