Because you asked…

Every since posting on here and announcing that we were having a few pregnancy concerns with Baby Blake, I have gotten a lot of questions.  Thank you for loving on and being concerned about our family.  I have hesitated about sharing what is happening on such a public forum and because I am aware that this all probably amounts to nothing.  But, the more I have thought about it, and the more I have been asked to share about what is going on, I figure it can’t hurt to have lots of prayer and to raise awareness about this abnormality.  So here is the story…(if you are one of the many people who have already heard, I am so sorry…you can exit now 🙂 )

When we went to the doctor for our gender reveal ultrasound, we were over the moon to find out that we were having a little boy, Baby Blake.  When the doctor came into the room and was reviewing the results of our ultrasound, she mentioned something called 2vc and an enlarged kidney.  She promptly scheduled me for a high-tech, Level 2 ultrasound, with a neonatalogist, so they could make sure everything else was okay and confirm their findings.

The Level 2 ultrasound confirmed everything they discovered in the first.  Basically, I have something called a Single Umbilical Artery.  Most umbilical cords have one vein and two arteries.  In about 1% of pregnancies, there are only two vessels – usually one vein and one artery (see picture below).

Sometimes, the absence of that extra artery can cause the baby not to grow as it should (because it isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs); therefore, they classified me as high risk, scheduled more regular ultrasounds and growth checks, and are watching him very carefully to make sure he is growing.

The enlarged kidney also isn’t a huge deal, but again, something to watch, and if it doesn’t resolve itself, they may need to do a surgery after he is born.  Enlarged kidneys are super common in boys and for Blake, his was enlarged 4.1 on a scale of 4 to 7 which under 4 being normal, so it was very, very, very minimal.

About 75% of pregnancies that have a SUA (single umbilical artery) are normal and carry through to birth with no problems.  However, in about 25%, a 2 vessel cord can be a sign of other genetic abnormalities.  Therefore, they wanted me to have a blood (DNA) test which they can use to tell if the baby has extra or missing chromosomes.  Unlike an amniocentesis, it doesn’t have any risk to the baby, and while it can’t tell us everything, it can tell us whether he has the most common chromosomal disorders.

We had this ultrasound done at 19 weeks and spent until just this past week (at 23 weeks) debating about whether to do the test. We knew the results wouldn’t affect the treatment, birth, outcome, or anything else.  Basically, it would just be knowledge.  We also knew that God is in control, and if this baby has down syndrome or something else, we would love this baby regardless and it wouldn’t affect anything.  So really we would just be having the test for peace of mind and knowledge so that we would be prepared for the outcome.  After lots of praying, debating, talking to the genetic counselor, etc., we decided to do the test.  We had it done last Monday but it takes 7-10 business days for the results.  Meaning, we don’t have them yet and are yet again waiting.

Where are our hearts in the midst of all this?  We are so thankful for this miracle baby and the way the Lord has protected him thus far.  We know that God is in control and if this baby has down syndrome or something else, not only will we love this baby regardless, but we know that God will (and has) equipped us to deal with it.  The Lord has really provided us with peace in the midst of a lot of uncertainty and we truly have been able to rest in him, being okay with not having all the answers or knowing everything.  If you know me and my past of worry and stressing, this is a HUGE testament to the Lord and how He has been working in my heart. I am thankful that the Lord is choosing to grow us through all of this.  I am even more thankful that God is with us in the midst of this.

I honestly feel like everything is going to be okay, but until we know that for sure, we wait.  Thank you for praying for us and joining us on this crazy adventure the Lord has us on!

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