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So, this week has been a big week. Being in ministry for a long time, I can tell you that some weeks are super slow and you go through the motions wondering if God is even at work. Then, other weeks, you KNOW he is and see it everywhere. This week was one of those weeks.

I shared in our prayer letter that is getting ready to go out to ministry partners (if you want this sent to you monthly and aren’t getting it, let me know!) about how the Lord is moving at LaGuardia Community College and how blown away we were at how He showed up when we visited this new campus (ok, so its new….we just don’t have a ministry here). You can read that update by clicking HERE.

But, there were a few other things that have happened in the last week or two that are also amazing stories to share. So, where better to share them than here?

Erin, a girl on our staff team, wrote this quick summary:

     “How does a Cru student in San Francisco have impact on a student that goes to        school in Queens? Well, the connection there is in Brooklyn. This week at our weekly meeting, Hannah, a Junior transfer showed up for the first time. I started talking to her and asking how she heard about Cru. What I heard, was awesome. Hannah has a friend from growing up in Brooklyn that went to college in San Francisco. This friend got involved with Cru, and is now on STINT in Europe. Hannah saw a change in her friend and how much Cru impacted her, that she wanted to get involved. Problem was, she went to a school in Brooklyn that Cru wasn’t at yet. However, this semester Hannah made the switch to Queens College for the sake of her major. She commutes TWO HOURS each way for school (4 hours of travel… that is commitment). At the club fair several weeks back she saw our Cru banner and started following us on instagram. This week, she came to school two hours early just so she could come to Cru to get involved. I love how random our connections are, and where the Lord brings new students who want to follow Him to join with us in reaching the campus. How cool!”

And then, this week, we hosted two big outreaches at Queens College and St. John’s University. The goal of these outreaches was to simply get surveys from students so we could connect with them – either to get them involved in Christian fellowship if they were already Christians or to be able to sit down and have Gospel conversations with them if they were interested in learning more about Jesus.

At Queens College, we went Reverse Trick or Treating – instead of getting candy from students, we passed out candy to students in exchange for a survey. While there were definitely some things we can improve for next time, we still collected over 150 surveys!!

At St. John’s University, we partnered with our faculty advisor, Gina, and the communications department (which she is a part of) to host a pumpkin painting contest and cookie handout in exchange for surveys. My older brother works for Lowe’s and was able to get us 50 pumpkins donated through Lowe’s to use for the students to paint. So, so generous and we were so grateful for this donation. The students LOVED painting the pumpkins and those that weren’t interested in painting were interested in receiving pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies. And lets be honest, they LOVED anything that was free – pumpkins, competing for Amazon gift cards (for those who won the contest), and cookies.

We had about 200 surveys filled out and the best part is the guys responded (which can be a struggle at times in campus ministry). 11 guys indicated yes – they were Christians and were wanting to get involved and help with Cru on campus, 4 guys said yes – they want to meet because they have questions bout jesus, and 30 guys said maybe – they want to be involved with Cru or talk to us about questions about jesus.

Please pray for us to connect with students and other Christian faculty at LGCC (mentioned in prayer letter), for us to followup with the students who filled out surveys at Queens College and St. John’s University that said they wanted to be contacted, and for us to finish the semester well (crazy we only have about a month left!).

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