4th of July Madness

I just realized that over the last week, we have slept in 3 different states in 1 week.  First, NC at our home in our own bed, then Greenville, SC with Ed’s family where we spent the 4th of July, and tonight, Lexington, KY at our sweet friends’ house.

Here are some pictures from our fun 4th of July gathering with Ed’s family.  We started the day out watching Ed and his dad take down limbs in their tree in their front yard (after picking up what limbs were already on the ground).  We had a massive storm the first night we were in Greenville that knocked down trees (and limbs) in almost every yard on his parents’ street and knocked out power for a few hours.

Then, what do you do when it is blazing hot outside and Kinsley is tired of being inside?  You go swimming!!  So that is just what we did!  Kinsley is such a pro at swimming (well, for a 2 year old) and loves it so much.  I am really grateful that she loves the water as much as we do!

After lunch, a nap, playtime with everyone, and then dinner, we all retreated outside to light fireworks (back into the heat…ahh….heres to wishing there was some way to do fireworks Inside).  We only did a few small ones for Kinsley since it was light out and she wasn’t having the loud noises.  She did, however, LOVE the sparklers.  I don’t know if you can tell in this first picture, but her face was precious the first time Ed lit one.  She was excited, confused, and amazed all at the same time.  She played with them long enough to get a little burn…not enough to leave a mark but enough to require a band-aid.  I think everything these days requires a band-aid.

Then, to top off her night, the neighbors brought over their baby tortoise (I say baby because they said this thing will get as big as the ones at the zoo…yikes!) and guinea pig.  She loved the guinea pig but the turtle required a little more coaxing for her to pet.



And thought this isn’t related to 4th of July, here is a belly shot at 24 weeks (I just realized the other day that I haven’t taken ANY of these with this second little girl….goes to show its true what they say about the second never getting the treatment of the first).

We left early this morning for Kentucky.  Here is where I get real honest.  I miss Lexington, KY.  I miss the horse farms.  I miss the wide open green fields.  I miss the park where we also took Kinsley within walking distance from our house.  I miss our friends here.  The list goes on and on.  We will be here a week meeting with current and potential ministry partners and I will soak up every minute of it, for multiple reasons.   I know that Raleigh will eventually begin to feel like home and make me sad to leave if we ever make that transition, but to be bluntly honest, its just not there yet.  Thanks for your prayers for safety as we travel and please, keep them coming!

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