With 4 kids, a broken bone was bound to happen. If you would have asked Ed and I who we thought would break a bone first, we would have told you Emerson. If you had asked us how we thought she would break it, we would say “climbing really high” or “going across the monkey bars.”

This week, two of those premonitions came true. Emerson did indeed become the first person in our family to break a bone. How did she break it? Being pushed off a chair by Kinsley as they were playing. It happened last Wednesday as Ed was coming home from a strategy planning meeting for next year in the city. On top of Emerson hurting her arm and crying for 30 minutes (which she never does because she is a tough cookie!), Brynn wouldn’t stop crying and had pretty much been crying or fussy all day long and Blake stripped and then pulled clothes out his sister’s drawer and came in dressed like this.

In the midst of trying to get in touch with Ed to ask him how to tell if Emerson’s arm was broken, a crying baby, and trying to get dinner fixed for us and a friend who was coming over, desperation set in and desperate times call for desperate measures. So, I paid Kinsley $3 to hold the pacifier in Brynn’s mouth so she wouldn’t cry and calmed down Emerson enough where she wasn’t screaming bloody murder. After Ed got home, he rushed her to the pediatric urgent care and we discovered that it was indeed broken. After the pain meds took affect, she was so proud of her broken arm.

After almost a week, we went to visit the orthopedic doctor to get her cast. Here she is on the bus on the way to the doctor.

Here she is after getting her pink cast:

If she looks rough, it is because it was a heck of an afternoon getting that cast. After two hours at the doctor because they overbooked on new patients, a bus ride home which involved a crazy person who was ranting and raving, and a walk home in the wind and pelting rain (while trying to keep her cast dry), we were DONE. I felt this way too!

To add to the medical saga that is currently our lives, we found out that Kinsley has something called flexible flat feet (which means she doesn’t have an arch when she stands and her feet fall over) and they are turned inward. After seeing a podiatrist, we are praying and seeking through whether to get her orthotics or do a surgery called HyProCure where they would insert a stent that would help her foot grow correctly and become aligned. Please pray for wisdom for us as we try and figure out what the best option is.

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